Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Step #2: Designing and Modeling the Steady Rest

Preliminary design layout for Mowrer WW Steady Rest
I have a lot of experience in going from concept to prototype as I am inventor with an industrial design degree and am fully trained in drafting and modeling my designs in a 3D program, and have had many of them rapid prototyped using today's cutting edge services available online.
I had also been experimenting with making parts from bronze infused stainless steel from shapeways rapid prototyping service and had been extremely impressed with how detailed, dimensionally accurate and functionally strong the parts made from this material and process were.
Preliminary 3D design

Diving in, I developed a micro-adjuster system that was low profile and could be adjusted with finger pressure yet lock down rock solid once dialed in. I also wanted the steady rest to pivot open like on the big boy lathes for the ability to perform multiple machining operations on a part and replace it into the lathe with extreme accuracy. It's also great for multiple parts in small runs.

It was also important to me to make the design easy to finish. I love doing detail work but I don't love arduous process to get to a beautiful result. I think you'll see more of how I've developed these parts to facilitate easy lapping, filing and minimal machining with maximum accuracy as the steps proceed.

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  1. Incredible craftsmanship! Beautiful work Kevin!


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