Adapting the micro rotary table to the watchmakers lathe

I recently ordered a 2 1/2" diameter rotary table off of Ebay. It wasn't terribly expensive (under $100 US) and when it arrived, the quality of function was reasonably good (finish was sub-par but I can live with that). There's a number of milling and drilling jobs I have lined up that I wanted to be able to perform on the Watchmakers Lathe. With the heavy duty cross slide, I've been finding that it is a much more vibration free platform for machining than the drill press-turned mill drill I've been using.
I was delighted with the easy fit on the heavy duty cross slide and am now happily using it for some operations with smooth and accurate results.
I'm going to have to make a rise block for the headstock to get full use of the unit for the future...
Cheers, Kevin

Micro rotary table adapted for Watchmakers lathe

Micro rotary table adapted for Watchmakers lathe

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