Face grinding gears on the watchmakers lathe

I came by a large number of gears that are a good size for designing and building a threading attachment for my watchmakers lathe. There are over 70 gears and all have a nice 3/8" keyed hole. Because they appear to have been stored stacked together haphazardly for what must have been a very long time, some of the gears have varying levels of rust and pitting on their flats faces. I decided to make a custom collet to hold the gears and grind them to a clean and consistent finish.
Here is a video of the setup I'm employing in order to get a good grind. It uses a number of the tools and accessories I've built for the lathe over the past two years.

Here is the video of the little custom collet as well as a look at the gears and one of the completed and ground gears.
cheers, Kevin

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