Adapting a QTP for the watchmakers lathe

For certain operations (like boring) a nice QTP is not only handy (as you can remove and reinstall the cutting bit quickly for measurement), its steadier than the little lantern tool post on most watchmakers lathes.
I found a very nice, small QTP on eBay and purchased it. I quickly found that it needed altering to work well on my little cross slide. The bottom of the t-clamp had to be sawn off and replace with a properly sized unit. Additionally, it would rotate severely under load so I added a second clamping tang on the back of the unit to make use of the second row for a T-nut. The unit now functions quite well and is a favorite of mine for lots of operations where rigidity and removal are key.
Mounted QTP showing the new bracket for using both T-slots

QTP mounted on derbyshire watchmakers cross slide

Watchmakers cross slide and QTP boring bar

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