Chucks for the WW lathe

You can never have too many chucks so I have made several over the past year. These include:

A dog driving center chuck with a brass counter balance
Dog driver chuck for the WW lathe
The brass counter balance is riveted in place and then turned flush. You can see the rivets on the back side. The center point is removable and employs a standard taper so that I can swap in male and female centers. 

Dog driver chuck for the WW lathe

Dog driver chuck for the WW lathe
The drive leg is adjustable in and out from the center (and boy has that come in handy). This is beefier than the typical Watchmakers lathe dog chuck as I'm not making watch parts and need the greater strength for steel parts and parts of great diameter. It works beautifully and I like the marriage of brass and steel.

Dog driver chuck for the WW lathe
kk I found a set of split leg lathe dogs of the right sizes on eBay for a very reasonable price (largest is show in photo). These too look really terrific and are the right solution for the chuck.

Lathe split leg drive dog

3 inch diameter clamping face plate for oddly shaped parts.

The tiny clamping fingers were designed in CAD and printed in metal through shape ways. They work so very well and the cost was quite low. I can print more any time I need them.

Custom clamping faceplate for WW lathe

Small metal finger clamp for WW lathe faceplate

Custom clamping faceplate for WW lathe

Clamping faceplate for WW lathe in use

Drill chuck centering collet

I purchased a nice little jacobs chuck for use in the WW lathe as well as an adapter collet from a chinese supplier. The chuck was fine but the collet was badly made having both radial inconsistencies as well as angular deviation. This rendered the drill chuck unusable when mounted. 

I decided to make a custom adjustable mount that I could carefully mount and center the chuck with. This worked so well, I'm making a full set for all the other chucks. The threaded adapter is a separate part and the collet has slightly oversized holes in it for adjustment. I lightly attach the two together and carefully tap the chuck into perfect alignment (testing it with my dial indicator as I go). Once it's right on, I remove the collet holding the chuck and really cinch the cap screws down.

Back onto the lathe it goes for a concentric dressing cut and it looks good and has tremendous accuracy now.

Drill chuck centering collet for WW lathe

Drill chuck centering collet for WW lathe

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