Hex die adaptors for watchmakers lathe tailstock die holder

Recently I've been finding that some of the round threading dies I've been buying online have not been cutting the kind of clean threads I wanted. I had a project to finish and no time to order from other suppliers so I turned to my local hardware store that carried a good assortment of dies. The challenge was that those dies were hex dies and my tailstock die holder was made for 1 inch and 11/16th inch round dies. I managed to use a t-handled die holder and get it to temporarily work. The dies cut very cleanly and were a darn site less expensive.
I decided to design and print a couple of hex die inserts for the tailstock to enable use of 1 inch and 5/8 inch hex dies as well as the round dies in the future.
Hex adaptors for watchmakers tailstock die holder

Here's the blanks as they arrived from shape ways
Raw castings for tailstock hex die adaptors

Raw castings for tailstock hex die adaptor

The fit of the dies was perfect without machining.
Hex dies close fit in casting

I set up my face grinding set up and surfaced the fronts of the dies.
Face grinding rig for hex die adaptor

Grinding setup for watchmakers lathe

Hex adaptors with ground faces

And went on to surface the sides of the larger die as well (the smaller one fit the socket too well and I didn't want it to loosen up.
Completed and installed 1" Hex adaptor for tailstock die holder

Here's the completed hex adaptors ready for use!
Completed round and hex die adaptor set for watchmakers lathe

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