Chip Shield for External Chuck Bearing

I've been using the external chuck bearing I made for a number of months and it works really well, The deflection from cutting larger diameter pieces, taking heavier cuts, or doing cutoff work, is near zero. The only drawback I discovered is that since the assembly is open to the bearings, occasionally chips come between the bearing collar behind the chuck and the smaller bearings rolling on it. Things get very very bumpy when that happens.
I decided to solve it with a chip shield that mounts to the chuck side of the bearing hoop.
Chip Shield for external chuck bearing
External Chuck bearing with shield in place

I used a piece of acetate template and cut to fit to the smaller diameter of the collet behind the chuck. it works like  charm! No more chip contamination and frankly, a much much easier job of cleaning up.
Scribing and cutting retaining ring from Delrin sheet

Completed Delrin retaining ring for external chuck bearing chip shield

I started with an 1/8" thick sheet of Delrin and cut it on the bandsaw and drilled holes in the correct locations. There are 8-24 through holes for mounting that finger carrier frames that I can use to mount the retaining ring.
Acetate shield template and cut

Chip Shield mounted on external chuck bearing
I mount the chuck, slide the external bearing ring over it and clamp/adjust it into place and then mount the chip shield.
External Chuck bearing and chip shield mounted

The acetate is very thin so it doesn't need a lot of space to insert behind the chuck. Off to the races on the next projects.
Thin chip shield in place

This has worked so well I think I'll design a set of higher legs for the bed and a custom chip and coolant pan with a pivoting and positionable clear pivot down shield. Can't wait!!
Cheers, Kevin

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