New Stand for Watchmakers Lathe

I've been wanting my lathe bed to sit higher from the table surface since I got my watchmakers lathe. Anyone who owns one knows that it's a tight fit underneath to reach the nuts and connectors for mounting all the lathe's various accessories and its even more inconvenient when there's sharp shavings down there from the work you are doing. I got tired of pulling metal splinters out of the back of my hand and decided to design new pillar-stands for the lathe.
Below is the results.
Custom lathe stands for the watchmakers lathe

I decided to start with brass and make them fairly monolithic for stability and vibration dampening.  After laying out the design, I started the process of machining away the excess material.
Layout and initial machining for Watchmakers lathe stands

Once the basic machining was done there was a fair amount of hand work.
Draw filing pillar surfaces

Since I was going to go through all the trouble of machining and finishing the pillars I also decided to include a mounting slot system on front and back that would accept a standard 1/4-20 bolt. I plan to add an adjustable rail along the front to hold gauges for reading out movement of the cross slide. I'm also going to use the mounting system to hold a full width swarf tray that will be removable for easy emptying. This will also act as the mounting surfaces for the custom threading attachment I have well under way.
Fully machined lathe stand ready for radiusing and edge breaking
1/4-20 bolt slot designed for stand for watchmakers lathe
1/4 bolt slid into mounting slot on watchmakers lathe stand

Ready for mounting accessories! Can't wait!

Because the pillar vertical radii blend into the larger radii that flare to the base and top, it required filing those radii into the part.
Filing radii onto the vertical pillar corners

I'm very pleased with how the parts turned out as well as how they look. I can't wait to start making the accessories that will attach to these pillar stands!
New pillar stands on the watchmakers lathe

New pillar stands on the watchmakers lathe

accessory mounting slots visible on watchmakers lathe stands

watchmakers lathe stand in brass

New Watchmakers lathe stands
Enjoy and cheers, Kevin

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