Carriage Stop For Watchmakers Lathe Cross Slide

I'm in the midst of a project making 4 double bearing pots for hanging shafts on a threading tool I've designed. This requires a lot of boring out of material in a very repetitive manner. I got tired by the second pot casing of endlessly counting out the revolutions on the cross slide longitudinal feed so as not to accidentally plunge the boring bar into the bottom of the pot and cause a big mess in the process.
My solution was to whip up a small carriage stop that I could adjust for both positive and negative X travel. The results are below
carriage stop for watchmakers lathe cross slide

Carriage stop for watchmakers lathe cross slide

The brass frame for the stop is dovetailed to fit snugly over the bed of the cross slide and clamps down tightly using an 8-32 stainless cap head bolt.
Dovetailed carriage stop in brass for watchmakers lathe

As you can see, the length of the traveling threaded rod comes to just behind the crank handle (whew) at full retraction.
Fully retracted carriage stop shaft fits behind hand crank

I've also relieved the far side of the frame so that I can also use it on the chuck side of the slide if I ever need to. This allows me to get reasonably close to the spinning chuck. Most of the time I'm sure I'll be using it on the off side.
Carriage stop mounted on near side of watchmakers lathe cross slide

Carriage stop mounted on near side and relieved close to chuck

I plan to design some small knurled stainless nuts rather than use the hardware store nickel plated variety presently on the shaft. They'll look better and spin left and right much fast as well and won't require a tool to tighten. I'll post that as soon as I'm done with them.
cheers, Kevin

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