Heirloom Machinists Hammer

Hello Friends
I've always admired the beautifully machined machinists hammers that have removable faces depending on your need to tap hard or soft materials. I decided to design one and 3D print all the parts just for fun. The results are below.
Heirloom Machinists Hammer 3D printed

Heirloom machinists Hammer

Here's all the bronze infused stainless steel parts
Machinists Hammer 3D printed stainless and bronze parts

I had them printed with all the right opening and guide holes so that I could simply tap each head face with a 1/4 - 20 tap.
Hammer head tapped for removable faces

The head was so much fun to design. I wanted something elegant and of my own design, bearing the tool logo. It printed beautifully
Machinists Hammer printed head

Hammer Head tapered opening for handle

Hammer Head extended tangs

The handle is also 3D printed out of a very tough and slightly flexible black plastic. The handle is hollow and I bonded in a steel rod inside of it with epoxy for proper balance and weight.
Hammer Handle Printed with expanding top

You can see that the top has a split that once the wedge is driven into place, will spread and grip the tapered hole on the head aggressively
Hammer handle wedge being inserted

Hammer Handle wedge driven home

Hammer Handle Wedge

Once its all assembled and wedged, it works exquisitely.
Handle loop being inserted

Handle loop bonded in place

Heirloom small machinists Hammer with curved grip

I'm busy making more than just the matching brass heads starting with this tool steel slightly domed face. I've added a delrin face and will soon be adding a wood face and a lead face, as well as several steel faces that taper to small faces or give me some very small cross pean faces.
Hardened steel threaded shank bonded into face

Brass face completed

tool steel domed striking face

Threaded insert on steel face

Machinists head assembled with matching bass faces

Machinists Hammer assembled with one domed steel face
Machinists Hammer with brass and delrin face

Machinists Hammer showing removable faces

Hope you enjoy! Cheers, Kevin

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